Ecoembes. What Dreams Are Made Of

Client: Ecoembes
Campaing: What Dreams Are Made Of
Audiovisual production: Visual Noise
Year: 2015-2016

The primary mission of Ecoembes is to make people realize that they can play an important part in the conservation of Planet Earth by recycling. That’s the “power of teamwork”: if everyone does their bit, together we can achieve enormous benefits for all.

We wanted to design branded content that focused on the true stories of anonymous individuals united by a desire to work for the environment.

The aim was to prove that every personal commitment and action, no matter how small, can make a huge difference.

Based on this premise, and with the idea of conveying the Ecoembes spirit, we came up with…

“Hechos de sueños”-What Dreams Are Made Of-: stories of people who one day decided to chase their dreams until they became a reality.


Generate new communication leverage points in a range of fields beyond recycling that would allow us to link the brand with journalism, education, food and nutrition, environmentalism, animals, music, sustainability in the city, high fashion, etc.

This is why we chose a reportage format to create a series of branded content documentaries in which the aesthetic appeal, image quality, and emotive, personal tone of each story would work together to convey a single message: in any major change, every little bit counts, and, most importantly, some people are already part of that change. The individuals featured in “Hechos de sueños” exemplify this message and inspire others to follow their lead.

“Hechos de sueños” has allowed Ecoembes to branch out into new fields and thus grow its brand reputation, with a long-term campaign that strategically emphasizes its tone of voice in communications and its ability to understand and listen to the environment, moving beyond traditional formats to help everyone connect with its message.

Every person on this planet has a dream, and with just one “click” they can make the world a more sustainable place.


With the seven mini-documentaries created for the brand by our production studio, Visual Noise, we obtained more than two million views—2,230,000 to be precise—and 18,200 reactions on social media.

The buzz generated on Facebook and Twitter was especially noteworthy, eliciting a flurry of posts that embraced the Ecoembes values and the power of teamwork.